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Introduction to the Fund

Tai Fu Fund adheres to the logic of “One Structure Solves One Problem” regarding the global green energy market. We invest in relevant technologies of national resources in all countries, integrate and apply to the suitable area, and then use such successful case to trace back and reinforce technology development. For example, countries with high urbanization rates are suitable for the development of the household energy-saving system, smart grid, and electric car; as for areas with low urbanization rates, they are suitable for the development of constructions with environmentally friendly materials, photoelectric agriculture, fishing industry, wind energy development and battery plants.

To see the issue of green power development from a structural perspective, Tai Fu Fund is deeply convinced that capital will be the driver for green energy improvement. Therefore, Tai Fu Fund provides financial products with features of flexibility, stability, and safety to offer steady investment returns for our investors, showing that green power promotion is not merely a slogan or a concession to the environmental crisis. By way of capital operation, we can realize our goal of development and progress.

  • Date of Commencement: May 2013

  • Program Trading Ratio: 70%

  • Manager Operating Trading Ratio: 20%

  • Denoted Currency: USD

Fund Features

  • Short Lock-up Period

  • Monthly fixed interests

  • Trading items are mainly international energies, raw materials targets or indexes

Trading Strategies

For range trading and average trading, the average trading is executed by EA within the range of a highest price and lowest price during a certain period based on managers’ judgment on the indicators. However, where the market price falls out of the range the trading shall be suspended for the reason that it may indicates the future trend. And the high price and low price trading within the new price range shall be executed in a specified period.

  • Date of Commencement: May 2013

  • Denoted Currency: USD

  • Net Value Balance Sheet Date: First business day of each month

  • Management Charges: 1%

  • Performance Charges: 0 for a profit less than 4%; and 50% for a profit of or more than 4% (high level)

  • Other Charges: None