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Administrative Management – Custom House

Custom House was initially established in Ireland in 1989, providing professional fund management and relevant services for alternative investment fund of all scales and strategies. Custom House is a world leader for financial services and fund administration businesses; it has offices in Chicago, Dublin, Geneva, Guernsey, Hong Kong, London, Maltese, New York, Rotterdam, Singapore, Sofia, and Sydney.

Custom House is the world leading independent manager for the alternative investment industry. We have offices set up around the world. We provide a seamless integrated platform to provide our customers and investors with 24 hours support.

We are confident that we provide our customers with “service-oriented” partners and are committed to the quality and support. Our independence and experience of over 25 years for industrial support certify us as the ideal choice for customers looking for loyal service partners and stringent manager.

Major Information

  • Manage assets of more than USD20 billion

  • Possess 150 managers

  • Have 525 investment fund; evaluate 50 investment fund a day

  • Net assets: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually

  • Employ over 200 staff around the world, locating across the United States, Europe, and Asia

  • Root Locally; Think Globally

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Independent

About Us

  • We are one of the leading global independent fund administrators. We are recognized as an independent and non-conflicting partner to our customers that can cooperate with your existing auditor, advisor, major agent, banks and custodian.

  • We are known for our real-time operation/operating environment and high-caliber services in the industry.

  • We provide quantified and flexible administrative decision plans for front, middle and back offices. We are the partner to see through your growth.

  • We provide solutions covering from the comprehensive traditional fund management to virtual fund administration, and to all aspects within the above two funds.

  • We adhere to the principle of “Customer First” regardless of the scope of the fund. We provide each of our customers with consolidated, customized and high contact management services through a professional team.

  • Our teams have been tested through time and have high retention rate,which enables us to provide single point contact and focus on establishing long-term partnership with customers.

  • We have extensive expertise on report, compliance and supervision. We are under general supervision of all offshore jurisdictions.

  • We established the Type II Statement of Operating Controls (SOC1), which includes ISAE3402 and SSAE16 certificates covering fund accounting and transfer agent services.

Powerful Independent Third Party System

As an independent fund administrator, fund administration is our core service. We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide customers of all sizes our premium services with reasonable prices. We bear the same goal as you do. We hope to build and maintain the solution that safeguards and enhances your funds. We long for a long-term relationship that is worth keeping, and we maintain transparency and professional supervision to our business core.

The introduction of supervision has initiated debates on independence; however, we believe that engaging an independent administrator to realize the separation between custodian and fund administrator that satisfies the demand of investors. We also cooperate with independent money manager, parent fund manager, family office, as well as bank and institutes.

We provide practical solutions, such as solutions to the valuation of daily trading hedging fund, OTC that is relatively difficult to assert the price and pricing issues of other non-current assets. We focus on alternative investment market, including both simple and complex hedging fund strategies, private equity, real estate and risk capital. However, we also understand the constant changing environment faced by managers and utilize our core competitiveness to support the relatively traditional Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS).

In addition, we formulate our globalized operation leveraging on the major financial centers located at the United States, Europe and Asia. Apart from contributing to cooperating with institutes, we are committed to partner up with emerging and new independent managers. We aim at growing alongside with those managers and funds, and we make long-term commitment to our customers. Our secret to success is to focus on the provision of excellent services, and we never get tired of our line of business.

Our Services

  • Fund Management Services

  • Investors Services

  • Investment Portfolio and Custodian Account

  • Accounting

  • Corporate Services

  • Capital Supervision Fund

  • Switzerland Representative Office

  • Supervision Services

  • Direct Loan Services

  • Customs Gateway